Energy healing


My Philosophy


As human beings, we each have an electromagnetic field surrounding and interpenetrating our body.  This energy field tends to be a barometer for our well being.  When we are happy and relaxed, our field is free moving and balanced.  When we are anxious, fearful, or stressed, our energy begins to slow down or stop in places.  We say we are "blocked", or "holding tension" in our body or that we feel bound or constricted.  Over time, these areas of tension, if untreated, often lead to a weakening of the body in that area and eventually to illness. It can be very helpful to find an energy healer to begin the process of reversing the effects of negative thoughts, feelings, and traumatic experiences.  The healer will connect their own energy field into the larger electromagnetic field of the Earth and the Cosmos, thus drawing on additional energy to pass on to their client through their hands. The client lies on a massage table, fully clothed, while the energy worker touches them lightly.  The healer provides the client's body with additional energy, beginning the recreation of relaxation, harmony and balance. As a healer, we are essentially helping the client's body to help itself.  Because of my particular training and skills, I can frequently help my clients identify core issues that are keeping their tensions and fears embodied.  Thus, releases can be multidimensional - not just physical, but emotional, mental, and spiritual.  The whole process is a journey in self-discovery, awareness, and empowerment.

What is an energy healing?